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Desert Parrot: 2 Bolívar Soberano (Venezuela, 2018)-Founder's Article

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

This Venezuelan banknote represents the 1st denomination of the Bolívar Soberano Series (2018). Bolívars are have been deemed essentially worthless, even within their home country. As rampant hyperinflation has caused all denominations, with the exception of the 500 Bolívares to be retired.

Despite this, Venezuelan Bolívar have found a new home. As an easily affordable item for beginning/young collectors. These collectors often become attracted, by the colorful illustrations of Venezuela’s wildlife. Often creating decorative displays, with the reverse side out. In honor of that tradition, this note will be reviewed reverse first.

The Reverse features a Yellow-Shouldered Amazon, an usual species of parrot. That lives in the arid regions of northern Venezuela and its neighboring islands. They subsists on a diet of cactus fruit and seeds. A mostly undisturbed population lives on the unpopulated Venezuelan island of Blanquilla, which is occasionally visited by divers and boaters.

Morrocoy National Park

The background is an illustration of Morrocoy National Park, located on the eastern coast of Estado Falcón (Falcon State). Morrocoy National Park was declared a national park on May 26, 1974, by Executive Order No. 113. It covers 32,090 acres, with a wide variety of landscapes. Including pristine Caribbean beaches, 2 islands (Los Juanes) used as snorkeling spots, the 285m (935ft) high Chichiriviche Hill, and an inland dry forest.


The vertical observe features 19th Century revolutionary leader Josefa Camejo (1791-1862). Also known as La Camejo and Doña Ignacia. Josefa Camejo is a recognized member of the Panteón Nacional de Venezuela (National Pantheon of Venezuela). As one of the heroines of the Venezuelan War of Independence (1810-1823).


Despite the low value of the Bolívar Soberano, the series utilizes numerous security measures. Both in visible and virtually hidden variants. The note's observe utilizes a green holographic windowed security strip. It reads BCV (Banco Central de Venezuela) in sequence.

The forward dash above the (red) serial number, is a denomination designator. Which alternates between the denominations within the series. There is a 2-color light puzzle/registration element , below the (black) serial number. Green (observe) and tan (reverse) segments merge, when back lit. Creating a green parrot and star, with tan highlights.


The near entirety of the note is covered in alternating lines and micro-print patterns. Where present the micro-text reads “BCV2”, in sequence. The pattern repeats on all denominations, with the exception of the number (listed denomination). Below the observe's portrait is a floral micro-print pattern. This feature is unique to the 20 Bolivar denomination.


The watermark features Simón Bolívar, as seen on the 500 Bolívar Soberano note's observe. Below the watermark is BCV, in electrotyped text. Unfortunately the color pallet and erratic micro-print lines makes capturing the watermark difficult. Although it can be readily seen, in physical copies of the note.

Ultraviolet Gallery

Additional Notes

  • This note's dimensions are 156 × 69 mm (6.14 x 2.72in), standard for Bolívar Soberano Series.

  • Within 4 months of circulation, 2 Bolívar Soberano (Bs.S 2) notes began being refused by state banks. Due to value lost from converting from the Bolívar Fuerte (BsF) to Soberano (Bs.S).

  • The Venezuelan government has decreed, that Camejo will be buried in the Panteón Nacional de Venezuela (National Pantheon of Venezuela). Once her remains are properly located.

  • The Josefa Camejo International Airport was founded, to commemorated her role in Venezuelan history.

  • Josefa Camejo International is known for the world's shortest international flight. An 8 minute flight to the island of Aruba.

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