The Last King Of Egypt: 5 Mallīm (Egypt, 1362/1943)-Reference

This WWII-era Egyptian coin represents the 4th denomination coin of the Egyptian Pound (Series 1938). The observe features King Farouk I (1920-1965), the last King of Egypt. The reverse lists the coin's 5 Mallīm (Milliemes) value and mint date. The double mint date is listed as 1362 (Hijri) and 1943 (Gregorian). Notably the Egyptian Pound was sub-divided into 1,000 Milliemes. Until becoming obsolete due to inflation.

The coin is a smooth-edged 12-notched scalloped design, made of bronze and weighs 4 g. Its dimensions are 21.6 mm (0.85 in) wide and 1.3 mm (0.051) in thick. Making it slightly larger than a US Penny (24.26/0.955 in), in that respect.



Size Comparison

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