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A Woman Of Two Empires, Then None: 1000 Kronen (Austria,1902/1919)-Reference

This large ornate Austrian banknote, represents the 7th denomination of the Krone (Series 1919).

Issued due to the dissolution of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire (1867-1918), in the aftermath of WW1 (1914-1918). The observe features a woman and the Austrian-Hungarian coat of arms. The reverse is a copy of the observe, with an additional "German Austria" stamp. (Note Size: 193 x 128 mm or 7.60 x 5.04 in)




"Thousand Kronen"
"The Austrian-Hungarian Bank pays this banknote, at it's head offices in Vienna and Budapest immediately upon request."
"In legal bullion, Vienna 2 January 1902."
-Primary Text-
"Counterfeiting of banknotes is punishable by law"
-Secondary Text-
"German Austria"
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