Notes Of The Kaiserreich, The Beauty In The Mirror: 100 Mark (Imperial Germany, 1908)-Reference

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

This Imperial German banknote represents the 5th denomination of Goldmark (Series 1883). The observe features an Imperial Eagle background. Alongside the note's value and issue date (8 February 1908, Berlin). The reverse depicts a goddess in a mirror, carried by 2 women. The woman on the left features a hammer and a Corinthian helmet. While the women on the right features a sickle and harvested crops. (Note Size: 160 x 105 mm or 6.30 x 4.13 in)




"Imperial Bank Note"
One Hundred Mark
"The Imperial Bank Main Register in Berlin, pays the consignor this banknote, without proof of identification."
Berlin, 7 February 1908
Imperial Bank Directorate
-Primary Text-
“Whoever falsifies or counterfeits banknotes, or procures falsified or counterfeit banknotes, and bring them into circulation, will be imprisoned for no less than two years.”
-Secondary Text-
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