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Coins From De Antillen: 1 Cent (Dutch Antilles, 1967)-Article

Updated: Apr 12

This coin is a Dutch Antillean 1 Cent (Juliana). The 1 Cent represents the lowest denomination of the Netherlands Antillean Guilder. Notably the autonomous nation of the Netherlands Antilles was disbanded on 10 October 2010. Although it's currency continues to be used by its successor states. A system of antonymous micro-state islands, who function as constituent countries, within the Kingdom of the Netherland.

This particular 1 Cent design entered circulation in 1952 and was last minted in 1970. It was replaced by a simpler Juliana design, which circulated from 1970-1978. The coin is a reeded-edged design design made of bronze (95.5% copper/2% zinc/0.5% tin) and weighs 2.5 g. Its dimensions are 19mm (0.75in) wide and 1.23mm (0.05in) thick.


The observe's art is based on the Coat of Arms of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The center prominently features heraldic lion of the House of Nassau. The lion bears a sword in its right paw and 7 arrows in its left. The lion lays on a checkered background, completes with raised pitted textures. The remainder of the background covered in horizontal ridges. The center is wreathed in text, it translates to “Netherlands Antilles”. The coin's issue date (“1967”) in features at the observe's base.


The reverse features the coin's value "1 Cent". The text is surrounded by elaborate wreathing, which covers most of the reverse. The wreath appears to be 2 olive branches tied by a ribbon, representing peace and unity.

Size Comparison

A 1 cent coin with a US Penny for comparison.


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