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Coins From The Land of Nowhere #4: 10 Rublei (Transnistria, 2014)-Article

Updated: Apr 14

This coin is a current issue Transnistrian Ruble (Series AA), dated 2014. The 10 Ruble coin represents the 4th denomination, of the 2014 Transnistrian Ruble series. The coins were designed and produced by the Russian state-owned "Goznak" (Sate Insignia) company. All text is printed in Moldovan, using Cyrillic script.

Transnistrian Ruble coins first entered circulation in 2014 and are the legal currency of the Transnistrian Republic. It was minted as a replacement for 10 Ruble note (2007 Series). The coin is a plain-edged design, weighs 0.9 g, and is most noticeably made of a polymer composite. This make Transnistrian Rubles a virtual anomaly, in terms of national currencie

Even more unusual, is that every denomination of the (2014 Ruble) coin series utilizes a distinct shape. This denomination uses an usual beveled hexagon shape. It's dimensions are 28 mm (1.1 in) wide and 1.2 mm (0.047 in) thick. The coin's surface is covered in pattern ridges, which can be seen on the photos provided.

The Land of Nowhere

Transnistria, formally known as the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic. Is amongst the most unusual

nations in the world. As it's a nation which technically does not exist. Transnistria is a breakaway republic located on a narrow strip of land, between the Dniester River and the Ukrainian border. Strangely Transnistria is also one of the few breakaway nations, that possesses it's own currency.

Currently (2020) Transnistria is only recognized by 3 other non-internationally recognized states: Abkhazia, Artsakh, and South Ossetia. All of which are within a state of “frozen conflict” and within the former Soviet Union. In general, explaining this coin's symbolism is a feat in itself. Almost as complex and convoluted, as the nation it originates from. (Search: “The Land of Nowhere: 1 Rublei (Transnistria, 2007)”, for additional context.)


The coin's observe features a portrait of Russian Tsarina Catherine the Great. Printed below Catherine the Great is the text Приднестровский республиканский банк. Which translates/transliterates to Transnistrian Republican Bank (TRB). To the right is 10 РУБЛЬ in vertical text, specifying the coin's 10 Ruble value. Above is the text “СЕРИЯ AA”, specifying the coin being from Series AA. Although difficult to read, the background features vertical micro-text. It reads Transnistrian Republican Bank, in sequence.

Additional negative micro-text is located within note's decorative background pattern. This pattern will change color under UV (ultraviolet) light. Doing so will expose multiple TRB logos and additional UV artifacts. Alternatively the coin used additional IR (Infrared) artifacts within it's art. Making this apparently mundane coin, relatively secure from common counterfeiters.


The reverse is relatively sparse, featuring a checkered diamond pattern. With the Transnistrian Republican Bank logo, denomination “ДECЯTЬ РУБЛЬ”, and issue date (2014) repeated throughout the pattern. When viewed in the IR spectrum the diamond pattern will reverse polarity. With white elements appearing grayish-black and pink becoming white.

Ultraviolet Gallery

Transnistrian Ruble Coin Galley


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