Coins Of Reunified Germany: 2 Pfennig (Germany, 1994)-Article

Updated: Mar 16

This pre-Euro German coin represents the 2nd denomination coin of the Deutsche Mark (Series 1989). Notably the coin was demonetized 12-31-2001, due to the transition from the Deutschmark to Euro. The Euro being the currency of the multinational economic pact, known as the European Union. Of which Germany was a founding member.

The coin is a smooth-edged design made of a copper-clad steel and weighs 2.9 g. Its dimensions are 19.5 mm (0.76 in) wide and 1.52 mm (0.060) in thick. Making it similar in size to a US Penny (19.05/0.75 in), in that respect.


2 Pfennig observe by Adolf Jäger.
2 Pfennig observe by Adolf Jäger.

The observe depicts an oak seedling, representing a new post-WWII beginning. This image was designed by engraver Adolf Jäger. It can be be seen on all variant of the 2 Pfennig from 1950-2001. Below in the coin's "1994" mint date, bookended by two dimples (*). The text "Bundesrepublik Deutschland" wreathes the oak seedling.

Notably this was the formal name of "West Germany" and later (post-1989) unified Germany. It's name translates to the Federal Republic of Germany. While it's "East German" counterpart called the Deutsche Demokratische Republik, translated as the German Democratic Republic.


2 Pfennig reverse by Adolf Jäger.
2 Pfennig reverse by Adolf Jäger.

The reverse is relatively sparse and practical design. It clearly marks it's value as "2 Pfennig". While a pair of wheat spikes wreath the upper part of the coin. Between them is a letter "D" mint mark. This identifies the coin, as produced by the Bavarian State Mint (Munich). Although mint marks can vary between individual coins.

It should also be noted, all coin's below 50 Pfennig used the same basic design. As such the beforementioned can also apply to all basic West German and post unification coins. Within the 1, 2, 10 Pfennig denominations.

Size Comparison

A 2 Pfennig with US Penny for scale.
A 2 Pfennig with US Penny for scale.

Additional Notes

  • The "BUNDESREPUBLIK DEUTSCHLAND" is the formal name for reunified/modern Germany, in addition to the former nation of West Germany.

  • The Deutsche Mark's ISO Code was DEM, prior to becoming obsolete.

  • The Deutsche Mark to Euro exchange rate was 1.95583 DM =1 Euro.

  • The 2 Pfennig was produced by 5 state mints: Belin, Munich, Stuttgart, Karlsruhe, and Hamburg.

  • The 2 Pfennig features a mint mark between the wheat spikes: Belin (A), Munich (D), Stuttgart (F), Karlsruhe (G), and Hamburg (J)

  • This coin was minted by the Bavarian State Mint (Munich), designated by the letter "D".

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