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Conquering Hunger in the Caribbean: 1 Dollar (Trinidad and Tobago, 1979)-Article

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

This coin is a commemorative Trinidad and Tobago Dollar, dated 1979. It celebrates the United Nations' Food and Agriculture Organization program. The UN F.A.O. leads the international effort to eliminate world hunger and improve food security. The coin is a plain-edged design, made of a copper-nickel alloy and weighs 12.7 g. Its dimensions are 32 mm (1.26 in) wide and 2.15 mm (0.085 in) thick. Making it roughly similar to a US Half-Dollar in size.


The observe is simple and easily understood design, based on the previous 1969 F.A.O. coin. It features the coin's value as a large number “1”, with the word “Dollar” below. The number “1” is backed by a cacao tree branch. The cacao pods are ripe and suitable for harvesting. Above is the text “FOOD FOR ALL”, a reference to the United Nations' Food and Agriculture Organization program.


The reverse prominently features the Coat of Arms of Trinidad and Tobago. The Coat of Arms is supported by a Scarlet Ibis (left) and a Cocrico (right). The national birds of the twin island nation. At the center are 3 ships, represent the three ships Christopher Columbus used on his 1st voyage. Above is a chevron and a pair humming birds. An allusion to Trinidad's nickname, the “Land of the Hummingbird”.

Below are banners presenting the nation's motto, "Together We Aspire, Together We Achieve”. The Coat of Arms is wreathed above by the text, “Republic of Trinidad and Tobago”. Below is the coin's issue date, “1979”.

Size Comparison

A 1 Dollar coin with US Half Dollar comparison.

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