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Corporate Notes Of Colonial Mozambique: 20 Centavos (Portuguese Mozambique, 1933)-Article

Updated: Apr 9

This small private banknote is a 20 Centavo voucher issued by the Companhia de Moçambique (Mozambique Company). The Mozambique Company was colonial corporation, which had 50 year concession on central Mozambique's Manica and Sofala providences. It had a monopoly taxation and forced labor through the chibalo (debt bondage) system.

The Mozambique Company had the power to issue its own private currency. Through a system of vouchers, which could only be exchanged for Portuguese Escudos. At their private bank headquarters in Beira. Once paid the note was marked "Pago" (paid), by a special punch. This particular note was cashed in, on 5 November 1941 (5-11-1941).

Given that the Mozambique Company was founded on 11 February 1891. We can deduce this note was claimed, roughly at the end of the Mozambique Company's 50 year lease. As it was not renewed by the Portuguese Government.




Additional Notes

  • This note's dimensions are 121 x 59 mm or 4.76 x 2.32 in, smaller than a US Dollar.


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