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Decimalization, Unissued Notes Of The BAF: 10 New Pence (British Armed Forces, 1972)-Article

Updated: Apr 16

This British Armed Forces Special Voucher (BAFSV) represents the 1st denomination of the 6th Series BAFSV (2nd Issue, 1972). These unissued vouchers were introduced in response to the 1971 decimalization, of the British Pound. Britain was amongst the last major nations to adopt decimalization. Although due to a lack of major conflict the vouches were unissued.

The vouchers were printed by Bradbury Wilkinson & Co and Thomas De La Rue (TDLR). Both types featured the same overall designs. With three denominations in 5, 10, and 50 New Pence. The TDLR vouchers are known as the 1st Issue, these notes feature a lighter shade.


The note's header reads "British Armed Forces". At the center is the note's "Ten New Pence" value. The term "New Pence" is used to differentiated it from the pre-decimal Pence. Below reads "Issued By Command Of The Defence Council". This Ministry of Defence (MOD) department, is now known as the Defence Council of the United Kingdom.

To the left is a large "10p", reinforcing the beforementioned face value. Overprinted on the number "1", is the text "6th Series". BAFSVs from the 2nd Series onward list their series, making identification easier. There are additional "10p"s at the note's corners. Between them is vertical text, identifying the notes as "Special Vouchers", it also references the reverse.

The footer lists the note's printer as "Bradbury Wilkinson & Co". While the note's serial number (A/4 068542) is listed on the upper-right.


The reverse header lists the note's "Ten New Pence" value. Offset to the lower right is a detailed notification. The voucher's can only be spent at base canteens and organizations approved by the General Register Office (GRO). Procession of vouchers by individuals not entitled to use British military facilitates, is a punishable offense. As is the intentional distribution of vouchers.

Just as the observe the note's corners feature "10p"s. Although unlike the previous Five Pence, the center now features a large "10p". Thus causing the note's text value (Ten New Pence) to be shifted into a header. Also unlike the Five Pence the text value is repeated on the left.

Notably both the observe and reverse share a "patterned stucco" underprint. Unlike the Five Pence, which uses separate observe and reverse underprints. Although the decorative lines on the Ten Pence observe and reverse do differ.

6th Series BAFSV Gallery

(Gallery includes the complete 6th Series BAFSV, 2nd Issue)


Additional Notes

  • This note's dimensions are 127 x 63 mm or 5.00 x 2.48 in, smaller than a US Dollar.

  • The BAFSV were issued after WWII (1939-1945, during the occupation of Germany.

  • BAFSVs were issued during major military deployments, such as the Suez Crisis.

  • Prior to Decimal Day (15 February 1971) the Pound was subdivided in to 240 Pence.


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