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Digger Coins #1, WWII: 1 Penny (Australia, 1944)-Article

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

This coin is a pre-decimal/World War Era Australian Penny, dated 1944. The Australian Penny represented the second smallest denomination, of the pre-decimal Australian Pound. With the Half-Penny representing the smaller denomination. Notably Australia skipped producing the traditional Farthing (¼ Penny), produced by Great Britain and Ireland.

The pre-decimal Penny entered circulation in 1928 and was last minted in 1968. It ceased being legal currency on 31 December 1971, replaced by the decimal Irish Penny. The coin is a plain-edged design made of bronze (95.5% copper/2% zinc/0.5% tin) and weighs 9.45 g. Its dimensions are 30.8 mm wide and 1.90 mm thick. This coin will be reviewed reverse (kangaroo) first.


The revere features a kangaroo and Commonwealth Star, titled “AUSTRALIA PENNY”

by English artist George Kruger Gray. The initials “K.G. ( Kruger Gray) are seen above the Kangaroo's tail. Coins which lack a dot between the letters “K” and “G” can often be identify, as minted in Melbourne.

Although the period at the end of "PENNY" on this particular coin, identifies it was minted in Perth. Other Perth minted coins may have a period, at the end of "AUSTRALIA". Coins minted in London, England will feature a “PL” mint mark, after "PENNY".


The Observe features King George VI in profile, along with his various titles. The full title on the coin reads as, “GEORGIVS VI D:G:BR:OMN:REX: F:D: IND:IMP”. The profile was designed by Thomas Humphrey Paget OBE. Who was first approached by the Royal Mint to design a coin for the short-reigned King Edward VIII. Coins minted in India, will feature a “I” mint mark, under George VI's bust.

Pre-Decimal Australian Pound Guide

4 Crown =1 Australian Pound

10 Florin=1 Australian Pound

20 Shilling=1 Australian Pound

240 Penny=1 Australian Pound

480 Half-Penny=1 Australian Pound

Size Comparison

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