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Effigy Of The Republic Redux: 200 Cruzeiros (Brazil, 1990)-Article Variant

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

This Brazilian banknote represent the 3rd denomination of Cruzado Novo Overprint (Series 1990). This series was introduced as a stop-gap measure, before the introduction of the 3rd Cruzeiro. As the short-lived Cruzado Novo was in the process of being renamed.

The Cruzado Novo circulated from 15 January 1989 and 15 March 1990. As there was no re-domination, the Cruzado Novo was replace at par (1:1). The first 3rd Cruzeiro notes were simply Cruzado Novo, with an overprint stamp. Such as this particular denomination, which is based on the 200 Cruzado Novo (1990).

Later in 1990, the 200 Cruzeiros note was introduced, replacing the overprint variant.


The Observe features Liberty, off-set to the center right. At the note's center is the “Proclamation of the Republic, 1889”. It depicts Brazilian national heroes Antônio da Silva Jardim, Benjamim Constant, Marshal Deodoro da Fonseca and Quintino Bocaiúva, at the Brazilian nation's founding.

Below the words “Republica I Centenario” (100 year of the Republic) can be read. Referring to the original 200 Cruzado Novo (1989) note's introduction, during the Brazilian centennial. Also nearby is the phrase "Deus Seja Louvado" translated as "God be Praised. Notably the stamp obscuring the illustration above converts the note to a 200 3rd Cruzeiro note.

Above is the note's header and one of its dual serial numbers. The header referes to the "Central Bank of Brazil", as the note's issuer. While the serial number reads "A 2591090899 A", making it somewhat usually long. Below is number "200" and a reference to the note's original "Two Hundred Cruzados Novo" value. The note's watermark area can be seen above.

To the note's far right, is a positive for a Brazilian Coat of Arms registration/light element. Backlighting this positive will complete Brazilian Coat of Arms. Below are the signatures of the Minister of Finance and the Central Bank President. Close inspection of this area, will display the note's "twin branch" underprint.

An additional number "200" and serial number can be seen at the upper and lower-right, respectively.


The reverse prominently features Pedro Bruno's famous oil painting “Patria” (Fatherland). Which depicts the Brazilian flag being embroidered, by a family of patriots. At the upper left is a tile confirming this it the painting detail (detalhe). An art term used describe a close-up of the painting main scene or detail.

To left is the negative of a Brazilian Coat of Arms registration/light element. To the upper right of this light element are a branches of Tobacco (blue) and Coffee (green). These are references to the the Brazilian Coat of Arms. At the lower-left corner is a 6-pointed star, over printed by a number "200", representing the note's face value.

Moving toward the far left, is the note's watermark area. The watermark features Liberty in profile, the artwork is titled Effigy of the Republic. The lower watermark area still has a reference to the note's original "Two Hundred Cruzados Novo" value. In the form of text on "stained glass" background.

An additional number "200" can be seen on the upper watermark area.

An example of a 200 Cruzeiro "Liberty" watermark.
An example of a 200 Cruzeiro "Liberty" watermark.

1990 Cruzado Novo Overprint Gallery

(Gallery contains all Cruzado Novo Overprint banknotes)


Additional Notes

  • This note's dimensions are 140 x 63 mm or 5.51 x 2.56 in, slightly smaller than a US Dollar.

  • The preferable method to preserve this note are standard sized protective sleeves.

  • The 3rd Cruzeiro ISO code was BRE, it used Cr$ as its official symbol.

  • The Cruzado Novo ISO code was BRN, it used NCz$ as its official symbol.

  • Both the Cruzado Novo and 3rd Cruzeiro were sub-divided into 100 Centavos.

  • The coins of both the Cruzado Novo and 3rd Cruzeiro were used in circulation.

  • The Centavo denominated coins of the Cruzado Novo were retained, while the 3rd Cruzeiro coins were issued in full Cruzeiro denominations.

  • The unissued 1 Cruzado Novo coin is known as the "Cruz de Cristo" (Christ's Cross).

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