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El Libertador, Crosses The Andes Redux: 1 Austral Overprint (Argentina, 1985)-Reference Variant

This Argentinean banknote represent the 1st denomination of the Austral (1985). As an emergency measure, this 1000 Pesos (1983) banknote has been hastily overprinted. Converting it into a temporary 1 Austral banknote. Which remained in circulation, until dedicated Austral banknote could be introduced. The observe features a portrait of General Jose de San Martín (1778-1850). Also known as “El Libertador of Argentina, Chile and Peru”. The reverse features the painting "El paso de los Andes", by Augusto Ballerini (1857-1902). (Note Size: 155 x 75 mm or 6.10 x 2.95 in)



Variant Gallery

(2nd variant differ only in its revaluation stamp)

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