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Ethnicities Of The People's Republic 2: 2 Jiao (China, 1980)-Reference

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

This Chinese banknote represents the 2nd denomination of the 4th Series Renminbi (People's Currency). The observe depicts a Buyei and Korean woman staring into the distance. The reverse features the National Emblem of the People's Republic of China. (Note Size: 120 x 55 mm or 4.72 x 2.17 in)

A Brief Guide To Chinese Currency

Chinese currency has been decimalized since prior to the 1890s. Initially inspired by the Spanish Dollar, which circulated in East Asia since the 17th century. The late Qing-era Yuan (1889-1911), was established on par with the Spanish Dollar. Allowing improved trade with the "West", based on a internationally accepted standard.

Official names for modern Chinese currency are descriptive and based on historical terms. Such as a Yuan being described as round. A reference to the original Yuan, being a round silver coin. While it's smaller sub-unit the Jiǎo, is described as being a corner.

A refence to the practice of intentionally cutting sliver coins into segments. For the purpose of payment and "making change". As such a Jiǎo is regarded as a "corner" and was sub-divided into the now obsolete Fen (small potion/bit). (SEE: Yuan Conversion Chart)

In addition, to the before mentioned official names for Chinese currency. There are informal/street names, which vary on region and language. In Mandarin, the term "Kuài" (lump) is used for Yuan. As the term Yuan is rarely used in everyday speech. While the term Máo (feather) is used in place of Jiǎo. Being lighter than "Kuài", which refers to a lump of silver.

Similar terms are also used by other languages spoken in China. For example, in Cantonese the terms for Yuan, Jiǎo , and Fen. Become Mān (dollar), Hòuh (dime), and Sīn (cent), respectively. These terms are largely influence by usage of the Hong Kong Dollar. As the Hong Kong SAR (Special Administrative Region), itself primarily speaks English and Cantonese.



Yuan Conversion Chart

10 Fen (small bit)=1 Jiǎo (corner)

10 Jiǎo (corner)=1 Yuan (round)

100 Fen (small)=1 Yuan (round)

4th Series Renminbi Gallery

(Gallery contains only banknotes within the database)

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