Harvest Of The Indian Ocean: 1,000 Francs (Madagascar, 1994)-Reference

This large colorful Madagascan banknote represent the 2nd denomination, of the Malagasy Franc (Series 1994). The observe features a young Vezo man, backed by traditional fishing boat. The reverse depicts a young women with a bountiful basket of shellfish. In the background a group of fisherman can be seen preparing a net. Notably the Series 1994 was demonetized on 12-31-2009. (Note Size: 128 x 76 or 5.04 x 2.99 in)



Additional Notes

  • The Malagasy Franc was subdivided into 100 centimes, which is the French term for “cents”.

  • Malagasy Francs display the notes value in both Francs and Ariary, equal to 5 Francs.

  • The Ariary is one of the last two non-decimal currencies the world. The other being the Mauritanian ouguiya.

  • The Ariary is sub-divided into 5 Iraimbilanja, equal to a single Franc.

  • Iraimbilanja is Malagasy term for "wrought iron", which was an old term used for the now retired 1 Franc coin.

  • The Malagasy 1 Franc was a stainless steel coin issued from 1965 to 1993.

  • All Ariary notes printed after 2007, no longer refer to the note's value in Francs.

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