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Herzl, The Zionist Founder: 10 Shekels (Israel, 1978)-Reference

Updated: Jan 7

This Israeli banknote represents the 3rd denomination of the "Old" Shekel (Series 1978). The observe features a portrait of Theodor Herzl (1860-1904), the spiritual father of modern Zionism. The reverse depicts the Zion Gate, at the Old City of Jerusalem. (Note Size: 147 x 76 mm or 5.79 x 2.99 in)



"Old" Israeli Shekel Gallery

(Gallery only represents 1980 issued banknotes, all which share a common style)


Additional Notes

  • This note's dimensions are 135 x 76 mm or 5.31 x 2.99 in, wider than a US Dollar.

  • The preferable method to preserve this note are large sized protective sleeves.

  • The Israeli Shekel ISO code was ILR, it used both IS and a "winged" design as symbols.

  • The Lira/Pound remained exchangeable for "Old" Shekels, until 31 March 1984.

  • Hyperinflation caused the "Old" Shekel caused the introduction of the New Shekel, in 1 January 1986.

  • The "Old" Shekel was replaced by the New Shekel at an impressive rate of 1000:1.

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