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This Indonesian banknote represents the 1st denomination of the "Government Note" Sixth Series (1961). Similar to the Third (1954) and 4th Governemnt Series (1956) before them. The Sixth Series was pair of themed, small denomination notes. Although unlike the previous 3rd/4th Series, the notes were agricultural theme.

It should be noted the similar Fifth and Sixth Series Government Notes. Are virtually the same design, although with different signatures and print data. This is the case with all Indonesian "Government Notes". Which were issued in two denomination pairs, in matching double series.


The observe depicts rice farmers, during planting season. Indonesia tropical environment supplies fertile soil and abundant rain fall. This has made the nation in to one of the largest produces of rice, coffee, and tea. During the time of this note's printing, large government owned farm were common. This intensive push greater yields has unfortunately has lead to environmental damage.

To the upper-right the header that reads, the (trans.) "Republic of Indonesia". While the center reads "A valid/legal indication of payment, One Rupiah". Further below is the signature of the Minister of Finance (Menteri Keuangan) and the note's "1961" print date. The note One Rupiah value is expressed by number "1"s, at the lower corners.

A large portion of the note's right sides is covered, with overlapping guilloche patterns.


The reverse features a pile of staple vegetables, including corn, pumpkin, potatoes, and peanuts. Above is a header it reads, the (trans.) "Republic of Indonesia". Below are the note's dual-serial numbers (DBY 060811). Above the left serial number is a large number "1" on overlapping guilloche patterns. A rippling underprint radiates out from from the overlapping patterns.

An additional "1" can be seen at the upper-right, representing the note's beforementioned "1 Rupiah" value. To the left is a text bubble, with repeating Indonesian text. This is a warning to potential counterfeiters and money launders. Threating offenders with imprisonment. Notably this text becomes progressively smaller every 3 lines.

Government Notes, 1961 Gallery

(The 1960 Government Note series, uses the same design although with different signatures)


Additional Notes

  • This notes dimensions are 120 x 60 mm or 4.72 x 2.36 in, smaller than a US Dollar.

  • The preferable method to preserve this note are large sized protective sleeves.

  • The Indonesian Rupiah ISO code is IDR, it uses Rp as it's official symbol.

  • In theory, the Rupiah is subdivided into 100 Sen, inflation has made it obsolete.

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