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Life On The Red Island: 500 Francs (Madagascar, 1994)-Reference

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

This colorful Madagascan banknote represent the 1st denomination, of the Malagasy Franc (Series 1994). The observe features a young Malagasy girl, backed by a traditional hill village and travelers' palm. The reverse depicts Zebu herdsman and rice farmers. Notably the Series 1994 was demonetized on 12-31-2009. (Note Size: 128 x 76 mm or 5.04 x 2.99 in)



A Way Of Life, Madagascar


This Zebu head watermark is seen throughout the Series 1994 Franc.
The Zebu head watermark is seen throughout the series 1994.

Malagasy Franc Gallery

(This gallery features all banknotes of the Malagasy Franc Series 1994-2004)


Additional Notes

  • The Malagasy Franc was subdivided into 100 centimes, which is the French term for “cents”.

  • Malagasy Francs display the notes value in both Francs and Ariary, equal to 5 Francs.

  • The Ariary is one of the last two non-decimal currencies the world. The other being the Mauritanian ouguiya.

  • The Ariary is sub-divided into 5 Iraimbilanja, equal to a single Franc.

  • Iraimbilanja is Malagasy term for "wrought iron", which was an old term used for the now retired 1 Franc coin.

  • The Malagasy 1 Franc was a stainless steel coin issued from 1965 to 1993.

  • All Ariary notes printed after 2007, no longer refer to the note's value in Francs.

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