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MacArthur's Return And Independence: 1 Centavo (U.S. Philippines, 1944)-Reference

The WWII-era Philippine coin represents the 2nd denomination coin of the Peso (US Administration). The observe features a man, with an anvil and hammer. In the background is Mt. Mayon, an active volcano on Luzon Island. The reverse depicts the Commonwealth of the Philippines coat of arms. Coins of this type were minted from 1937-1944.



Size Comparison

A Philippine 1 Centavo with US Quarter for scale.
A Philippine 1 Centavo with US Quarter for scale.

Additional Notes

  • Similar to most Pesos, the Philippine Peso was subdivided into 100 Centavos.

  • From 9 April 1942 to 20 October 1944, Imperial Japan occupied the Philippines.

  • The occupation was met with fierce resistance, from Philippine guerilla forces.

  • The occupation was broken by General Douglas MacArthur's (1880-1964) landing on Leyte Island, in 17 October 1944.

  • The Philippine resistance during the Japanese occupation, played a key role in the US granting the Philippines independence.

  • On 4 July 1946, the Treaty of Manila was signed, creating the Republic of the Philippines.

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