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Made In Russia, Venezuelan Bolivars: 20,000 Bolivares (Venezuela, 2019)-Article

This Venezuelan banknote represents the 2nd denomination of the Bolivar Soberano (Series 2019). While technically the 10th denomination of the Bolivar Soberano. The notes of the Series 2019 are a radical departure from previous Series 2018. Which feature colorful images of local heroes and native wildlife. Thus making them popular with young/beginner collectors.

The Series 2019 was introduced due to the return of hyperinflation in Venezuela. It features 3 color-coded denominations in 10,000, 20,000, 50,000 Bolivares. This review will cover notes produced by Russian state printer Goznak. Which can be differentiated from locally produced notes, by their narrower security strip. Bolivar Soberano was superseded in the Digital Bolivar in 2021.


The vertical observe features Venezuelan independence leader Simón Bolívar (1783-1830). Who successful lead Bolivarian independence movement against the Spanish Empire. Leading to the formation of the modern nations of Venezuela, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Panama. Simón Bolívar is the arch member of the Panteón Nacional de Venezuela (National Pantheon of Venezuela). As the hero of the Venezuelan War of Independence (1810-1823).


Similar to the earlier notes of the Bolivar Soberano, Series 2019 utilizes numerous security measures. Both visible and virtually hidden. The most notable being the window security strip. Wide striped domestic notes will feature jeweled "BCV", in an alternating pattern. A reference to the Central Bank of Venezuela.

Refers to the Central Bank of Venezuela can be seen throughout the note's countermeasures. Such as the 2-piece registration element/light puzzle at the end of the first serial number (A74393187).

Its fractured letters can be completed by back lighting the note. Doing so will also expose the note's watermark. It features an image of Simón Bolívar, with an electrotyped "BCV" below. Unlike the registration element it faces vertically.

Additional "BCV" can be seen as micro text at various areas of the note. The most recognizable being near the registration element and the second serial number. Below Simón Bolívar is a latent/hidden image of a horse. The nearby framing also features more "BCV" micro text .


The reverse depicts the massive "Mausoleum of the Liberator" towering over the National Pantheon of Venezuela, in Caracas. The National Pantheon was created in 1874, from the ruined Santísima Trinidad Church. It contains the heroes and heroines of Venezuela's history. The mausoleum was meant to reintern Simón Bolívar, which was seen as a controversial decision.

Notably the reverse of previous Bolivar Soberano featured native animal. Despite this different appearance it does retain some key features. Such as a Venezuelan Coat of Arms, a Central Bank of Venezuela header, and note's value. The later is listed both numerically and in Spanish text.

Near the reversed "BCV" registration element is the before mentioned watermark.

2019 Bolivar Soberano Gallery

(Gallery features all banknotes of the Series 2019 Bolivar Soberano)


Additional Notes

  • This notes dimensions are 156 x 69 mm or 6.14 x 2.72 in, relatively similar to a US Dollar.

  • Series 2019 notes are slightly wider than a US Dollar, which measure 66 mm/2.61 in wide.

  • Its highly recommended to use large protective sleeves, when preserving this note.

  • Standard sized top-opening sleeves will leave a small potion of the note exposed to damage.

  • Goznak produced notes are relatively rarer, than locally produced notes (wide security strip).

  • The Bolivar Soberano ISO code is VES, it uses Bs as it's symbol.

  • The Bolívar is subdivide into 100 Centavos, although inflation has made it's use non-existent.

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