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Mortgage Coins, Times Of Desperation: 2 Rentenpfennig (Weimar Republic, 1924)-Article

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

This Weimar-era coin is a 2 Rentenpfennig, dated 1924. The 2 Retenpfennig represented the 2nd denomination coin of the Rentenmark. On on 15 November 1923, the Rentenmark was introduced as a counter to the rapid inflation of the Papiermark. The Rentenmark replaced the Papiermark at an impressive rate of 1 Trillion to 1.

Despite this the 2 Rentenpfennig is relatively simple and was minted from 1923-1924. The coin is a smooth-edged design made of a bronze and weighs 2 g. Its dimensions are 17.4 mm (0.685 in) wide and 1 mm (0.079 in) thick. Making it slightly smaller in size to a US Penny (19.05/0.75 in), in that respect. Overall the coin is quite mundane in appearance.

This is in contrast to the bank which issued the coin and overall Rentenmark currency. The Rentenbank (Mortage Bank) was a separate state-owned bank. Operating on an entirely separate line of commodity, from the standard Reichsbank (Imperial Bank). Rather than relying on precious metal reserves, as a conventional bank. The Rentenmark was backed by private mortgages on industrial and agricultural properties.


The observe is simple featuring a large bundle of wheat, representing the Rentenbank (Mortgage Bank). The coin's mint date (1924) is divided by the wheat bundle. The observe's art was created by medalist Reinhard Kullrich (1869-1947), who was employed by the Berlin Mint.

The coin's mint can be identified by a letter, below the wheat bundle. (SEE: Additional Notes)


The reverse is somewhat more detailed, relative to the observe. Yet focusing almost entirely on practically, with little embellishments. It features a large number "2" at its center, which is seperated by a small rim. Moving outward from the center is wrap-around text.

This warp-around text is divide by a pair of floral patterns. The upper text reads "Deutsches Reich", or German Empire. While the lower text reads "Rentenpfenig", notably the "E" can appear similar to a second "F". Giving the appearance being misspelled as "Rentenpffnig. The outer rim is considerable thicker than the inner rim.

Size Comparison

Additional Notes

  • The 2 Rentenpfennig was produced by the Berlin (A), Munich (D), Muldenhütten (E), Stuttgart (F), Karlsruhe (G), and Hamburg (J) mints.

  • The 2 Rentenpfennig was produced by the Berlin (A), Munich (D), Muldenhütten (E), Stuttgart (F), Karlsruhe (G), and Hamburg (J) mints.

  • The 2 Rentenpfennig coin was valued at 1/50th of a Rentenmark.

  • When in circulation the 2 Rentenpfennig was valued at an absurd 20 Billion Papiermark.

  • "Deutsches Reich" was the official name of the Weimar Republic.

  • Deutsches Reich was also the official name for pre-war National Socialist Germany.

  • Our website uses separate names to differentiate the Weimar and National Socialist eras.

  • We refer to pre-war National Socialist Germany, by using its official name "Deutsches Reich". While using the common name "Weimar Republic", to differentiate the two.

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