Notes From The Forgotten Heart Of Africa 3: 10 New Makuta (Zaire, 1993)-Reference

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

This Zairean banknote represents the 3rd denomination of the New Zaire (Series 1993). The observe depicts Marshall Mobutu (1930-1997) and a leaping Leopard. The reverse depicts a collage representing African prosperity. (Note Size: 159 × 79 mm or 6.26 x 3.11 in)



Additional Notes

  • The New Zaire was the currency of the Republic of Zaire, until July 1, 1998. Shortly after the collapse of Zaire, on May 16, 1997

  • The New Zaire replaced the previous First Zaire Series, in 1993.

  • Likuta is singular for Makuta, 100 Makuta equals 1 Zaire.)

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