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Notes Of The Kaiserreich, Goddesses Of The Empire: 1000 Mark (Imperial Germany, 1910)-Reference

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

This Imperial German banknote represents the 7th denomination of Goldmark (Series 1883). The observe features ornate lettering and decorative borders. Alongside the note's value and issue date (21 April 1908, Berlin). The reverse depicts German Imperial Coat of Arms, held by 2 goddess. The goddess on the right, is an allegory for the harvest. While the goddess on the right (wielding an oar), represents sea navigation. (Note Size: 187 x 110 mm or 7.36 x 4.33 in)




"Imperial Bank Note"
One Thousand Mark
"The Imperial Bank Main Register in Berlin, pays the consignor this banknote, without proof of identification."
Berlin, 21 April 1910
Imperial Bank Directorate
-Primary Text-
“Anyone who counterfeits or falsifies banknotes, or distributes counterfeit or falsified banknotes, will be imprisoned for no less than two years.”
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