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Notes Of The North Pole: 1 Dollars (Arctic, 2012)-Article

This large polymer fantasy note represents the 1st denomination of Polar Dollar (Series 2012). The notes were printed on the behalf of Global Numismatic Services and distributed through the website Polar The Polar Dollar has similarities to the Antarctic Dollar, including a redemption and fundraising system.

This fundraising system is based on the principle the notes are sold, equal to their US Dollar face value. Although similar to bonds, the notes are stated as redeemable, within a given deadline. If not redeemed, a portions of the proceeds will be allocated to charity. While the remainder is allocated to operating the system.


1 Polar Dollar-Observe: Digitally overprinted for display purposes.
1 Polar Dollar-Observe: Digitally overprinted for display purposes.

The observe features a photograph depicting a pair of Artic Foxes. The Artic Fox is popularly known for small size and snow white winter coats. The note's header list the "Artic Territories", as it's fantasy nation. To the center-right is vertical text, providing a brief description of Artic Foxes. This is a common theme of Polar Dollar notes.

Just right of the description, is a windowed security strip. This forms a divider between the note "halves". At the center far-right, is the signature of the Global Numismatic comptroller. Further to right, is a notification to the note's bearer. It states the note can be redeemed by returning it the Global Numismatic, before 31 December 2014.

Other notable features of the observe includes, an Artic Circle map underprint. To upper right corner is the notes serial number (X1778), nearby is reference to "Series 2012". At the lower-left corner, is the Polar Dollar Logo.


1 Polar Dollar-Reverse: Digitally overprinted for display purposes.
1 Polar Dollar-Reverse: Digitally overprinted for display purposes.

The vertical reverse is dedicated to polar expeditions, featuring polar explorer on skis. Above the this polar explorer is a brief description of "North Pole Expedition". This text is backed by an expanded version of the Artic Circle map, seen on the observe. The header "Artic Territories" is listed on the upper left (lower left).

While the note's lower (far-right) portion, repeats the note's "One Polar Dollar" value and the Polar Dollar logo.


Additional Notes

  • This note's dimensions are 160 x 80 mm or 6.30 x 3.15 in, larger than a US Dollar.

  • It's preferable to use large protective sleeves, when preserving this note.

  • As of present (Jan 2022), the Polar Dollar website appears to be inactive.

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