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Notes Of The Pathet Lao, Aspiration For A Future: 50 Kip (Laos, 1968)-Article

This Laotian banknote represents the 4th denomination of the Pathet Lao "Liberation" Kip (Series 1968). The observe features an illustration of metal workers, using a lathe and drill press. The reverse depicts farmers ploughing a field with water buffalo. (Note Size: 144 x 72 mm or 5.67 x 2.83 in)



Pathet Lao Kip Gallery

(Gallery will updated as additional banknotes are databased)


Additional Notes

  • The note's dimensions are 144 x 72 mm or 5.67 x 2.83 in, larger than a US Dollar.

  • The preferable method to preserve this note are side-opening protective sleeves, cut to size.

  • The “Liberation” Kip ISO code was LAK, it uses and ₭N as it's symbols.

  • The “Liberation” Kip was subdivide into 100 Att, although it lacked coins in that value.

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