Olympian Rubles: 100 Rubles (Russia, 2014)-Founder's Article

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

This Russian banknote commemorates the 2014 Winter Olympics, in Sochi. Unusual for Russian Rubles, these notes were printed in a nonstandard vertical design. The printing medium is a high-quality white cotton paper. Commemorative rubles are printed to a higher standard, than the standard 1997/2017 series Rubles, currently (2020) in circulation.

The notes were first issued on 30 October 2013. Less than 4 months prior to the 2014 Olympic Games, on 7 February 2014. They were designed produced by the state-owned "Goznak" (Sate Insignia) company, all text is printed in Russian Cyrillic.


The observe features a soaring snowboarder, with a mountain backdrop (Rosa Khutor). Below is a sky view of the Olympic park, near the Black Sea. A small Russian Coat of Arms can be seen in the upper left. Similar to the Venezuelan Bolívar, this note features a denomination indicator (circle above 2 horizontal lines). The watermark displays “sochi.ru2014 (Olympic logo)”, referencing the official Russian website.

Enhanced Security Measures

Unusual for Russian Rubles is the number of counter-measures employed. To the snow borders left, are 4 overlapped diamonds with raised ridges. Which serves a secondary purpose, as a gripping surface. Above the "diamonds", is a holographic Olympic flame stamp.

These stamps function as anti-counterfeit measures. Particularly against criminal element with access to high quality scanners. When scanned the ridges (listed as Example Counter-Measure) will create a dazzler effect. While the holographic stamp (listed as Security Stamp Holographic Flame) will simultaneously fade-out.


The reverse features a sky view of the Fisht Olympic Stadium, with it's canopy retracted. Above is an intricate diamond mosaic, featuring athletes from various winter sports. A gold leaf phoenix stamp is predominantly featured among them.

The note utilizes a windowed/embedded polymer security strip. An optically variable element within the strip, displays a snowflake and Cyrillic text. The text transliterates to "Sochi 2014". Throughout the note is numerous micro-print patterns, in the form overlapping fractal patterns, such as snowflakes, crosses, and radiating circles.

Ultraviolet light analysis shows the reverse to be inert. As opposed the observe, which utilizes numerous luminous elements. The note features a series of diamond-shaped patterns roughly along the midsection. The Olympic park itself, beneath the pattern is faintly luminescent. To the right of the watermark is a copy of itself, in blue UV sensitive ink. The Olympic flame stamp also features UV qualities, its adhesive layer shines a bluish shade.

Ultraviolet and Security Feature Gallery

Additional Notes

  • This note's dimensions are 65 × 150 mm (2.56 x 5.90 in), standard for commemorative notes.

  • As this is currently active currency, this note has been digitally over stamped with text. Similar precautions should be practiced with other active currencies. Particularly when concerning observe elements.

  • Under certain circumstances high-grade images of non-specimen notes, can possibility lead to legal repercussions. Dependent on an individual's current jurisdiction.

  • The observe features Cyrillic text, БИЛЕТ БАНКА РОССИИ and СТО РУБЛЕЙ. This roughly translates to “Russian Bank Note” and “Hundred Rubles” respectively.

  • The reverse text “СОЧИ 2014” and “СТО РУБЛЕЙ. Translates to “SOCHI 2014” and “Hundred Rubles” respectively.

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