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Princess Isabel Of Brazil, The Redemptress: 200 Cruzeiros (Brazil, 1984)-Article

Updated: Mar 27, 2022

This Brazilian banknote represents the 2nd denomination of the 2nd Cruzeiro (2nd Family, Series 1981-85). The 2nd Cruzeiro was adopted in 1970, after the renaming of the Cruzeiro Novo. The Series 1981-85 (2nd Family) were preceded by the notes of the 1st Family. Which include the color-coded Series 1970 and a commemorative 500 Cruzeiro (1972).

Notably nearly all notes of the Series 1981-85 feature mirrored artwork. This feature was first introduced on the 1,000 Cruzeiro (1978). It can be identified from its 2nd Family variant, by its brownish color scheme. The non-mirrored 2nd Cruzeiro notes were later reissued, as the provisional Cruzado Overprint (1986).

In 1986, the Cruzado replaced the 2nd Cruzeiro.


The observe features a mirrored portrait of Princess Isabel of Brazil (1846-1921). Princess Isabel was the daughter of Emperor Pedro II and heir to the throne. She is remember for emancipating Brazil's slaves in 1888, while serving as Imperial Regent. After Marshal Deodoro da Fonseca overthrew the Brazilian monarchy in 1889. Princess Isabel lived exiled in France for the next 30 years.

The note's offset title reads, the (trans.) "Central Bank of Brazil". At the upper-left and right are number "200"s, referring to the note's 200 Cruzeiros value. Below the right number "200" is one of the note's dual watermarks. When backlighting the note will expose a mirrored Princess Isabel watermark. Doing so will also complete the registration element below it.

The note's "footer" is an exact mirrored copy of the beforementioned.


The reverse features a mirrored image, of a painting titled the "Abolition of Slavery". The painting depicts a pair of formally enslaved women, setting up a fire in the countryside. The standing woman to the left can been seen setting down a large pot, on stone blocks. While the sitting women is near a basket full of supplies. Their somber appearance represents uncertainty of the future.

The title above reads (trans) "Two Hundred Cruzeiros". To the left is a number "200", with a signature below it. This signature represents the President of the National Monetary Council. At the note's upper-right is one of the note's serial numbers (A 3945073994A). Below the serial number is the second half of the observe registration element.

Just the observe, the reverse "footer" is an exact mirrored copy of the upper half.

2nd Cruzeiro Gallery

(Gallery will be updated as new banknotes are databased)


Additional Notes

  • This note's dimensions are 154 x 74 mm or 6.06 x 2.91 in, larger than a US Dollar.

  • The preferable method to preserve this note are large sized protective sleeves.

  • The 2nd Cruzeiro ISO code was BRB, it used Cr$ as its official symbol.

  • The 2nd Cruzeiro was subdivided into 100 Centavos, all coins were in Cruzeiro values.

  • The some Centavo coins of the Cruzeiro Novo, circulated alongside the 2nd Cruzeiro.

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