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Small Notes Of The Great Rift Republic #1: 10 Francs (Burundi, 2007)-Article

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

This Burundi banknote represent the 1st denomination of the Burundian Franc (1975). Notes of this small value were produced enmasse and released as demand required. The last of these batches were released in 1 November 2007 (01-11-2007). Notably the 10 Franc banknote was replaced by a nickel-plated steel coin, in 2011. Which was followed by the demonetization of all banknotes 50 Francs and below, in 2015.

Due to their current (2021) low value, these notes make good gifts for beginner collectors. Since they are relatively easy to purchase and feature easy to read text. Making them a practical educational tool for these looking to better understand foreign languages. In addition to being useful, when trying fill out a new collection.


The observe features an outline of Burundi, overlaid with the Burundi Coat of Arms. The Coat of Arms is the 1966 version, featuring a banner reading "Unity, Work, Progress”. The note's text is doubled, printed in French and Kirundi. Representing the 2 national languages of Burundi.

Both the header (French) and footer (Kirundi) text translate to "Bank of the Burundian Republic". To upper far left the note's value is given as "Ten Francs". Directly above is the note's issue date "01-11-2007", noting it as a final issue year. Although it should be noted this does not represent the note's actual print year.

At the lower right are the signatures of the bank "Governor" and "Vice Governor". These signatures in addition to the issue date are later added. The note's double serial numbers are located on the upper right and center far left. Each near a number "10", symbolizing the note's 10 Franc value.

The remainder of the note is decorated with various guilloché patterns. Appearing in circular and floral patterns throughout, primarily along the borders. The underprint features a overlapping pattern similar to textured coils of thread. Beneath this pattern is a smaller rippled microprint pattern.


The reverse relatively simple, primarily text backed by basic decorative elements. The center portion features the Burundi national motto “Ubumwe Ibikorwa Amajambere” or “Unity, Work, Progress”. The motto's text is arranged side by side, French to Kirundi. Behind this text is a series of 16 lines in a twisting pattern. There is an additional spiral underprint pattern beneath the beforementioned pattern.

The note 10 Franc value is expressed by 4 number "10"s, within the the inner corners. The upper left and lower right corners feature simple numbers "10"s. While the lower left and upper right number "10"s are white, backed by cog-like guilloché patterns.

The header (French) and footer (Kirundi) text translate to "Bank of the Burundian Republic". Above the footer is a small section, warning that "The counterfeiter will punished with penal servitude". This statement is printed in both French to Kirundi, separated by a single "*".

Additional Notes

  • This note's dimensions are 107 x 54 mm or 4.21 x 2.13 in, smaller than a standard US Dollar.

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