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The Barking Deer Of Vietnam: 200 Dong (South Vietnam, 1972)-Reference

This South Vietnamese banknote represents the 5th denomination of the final “Southern Dồng” Series (1972). The observe depicts the Palace of Independence, the former residence of the President of South Vietnam. The reverse features a group of Muntjac, also known as Barking Deer. (Note Size: 146 mm x 73 mm or 5.75 in x 2.87 in)



“Southern Dồng” (1972) Gallery

(Gallery features the complete“ Southern Dồng” Series 1972)


Additional Notes

  • The note's dimensions are 146 mm × 73 mm or 5.75 in × 2.87 in.

  • This banknote is wider and shorter, than a standard US Dollar (6.14 x 2.61 in)

  • It's highly recommended to use large protective sleeves, when preserving this note.

  • Standard size (top-opening) protective sleeves will leave a small area uncovered.

  • In November 1975, the "Palace of Independence" was renamed "Reunification Hall".

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