The Great Educator: 10 Naira (Nigeria, 2013)-Article

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

This polymer Nigerian banknote represents the 2nd denomination of the Second Naira Series (2009). The 2009 Naira coincided with a scheduled currency revaluation, in which 100 Old Nairas would converted into 1 New Naira. The revaluation was canceled by then-President Umaru Musa Yar'Adua.

Notably Second Naira notes are made from a high strength polymer. Allowing the notes to better resist damage in wet-humid jungle climate of Southern Nigeria. The value of this currency is highly dependent on the global oil market and the general stability of the Nigerian nation. Nigeria is the largest economy in Africa and one of the most culturally complex regions in the world. It has 250 ethnic groups and 521 languages. Including 9 extinct native languages, which continued to be studied witin the nation's universities.


The observe features a portrait of Nigerian educator and statesman Alvan Ikoku (1900-1971), who fought for free primary education in Nigeria. As such, the promotion of education has been major goal, of the Nigerian government. Nigeria is currently home to 129 universities and has provided Universal Primary Education, since 1976.

On the note's right is a windowed inlet/false watermark in the form of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) logo. The lower portion of the inlet includes an embedded Optical Variable Device (OVD) element. Depending on lighting and angle the OVD will reflex gold. To the left of the OVD is a semi-visible “CBN”, there is also an additional CBN logo at the upper center. The serial number is arranged vertically. The note utilizes a striped "10" light puzzle/registration element, when back lit the 10 becomes complete. The portrait features a hidden UV sensitive number “10”, above Alvan Ikoku's face.


The reverse fetures 2 milkmaids, from the Fulani tribe carrying calabashes. The illustration is based on a photo taken by English photographer John Wilfrid Hinde, during the 1960s. To the right of the milkmaids is the Coat of Arms of Nigeria. On the upper left is a Nigerian Flag in the shape of the Nigerian nation.

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Additional Notes

  • This note's dimensions are 128 × 70 mm, all 2006 Series Naira follow these dimensions.

  • As this is currently active currency, this note has been digitally over stamped with text. Similar precautions should be practiced with other active currencies. Particularly when concerning observe elements.

  • Under certain circumstances high-grade images of non-specimen notes, can posibalily lead to legal repercussions. Dependent on an individual's current jurisdiction.

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