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Conquering Hunger In Africa: 5 Shilling (Uganda 1968)-Article

Updated: Apr 12

This massive coin is a commemorative Ugandan 5 Shilling, dated 1968. It celebrates the United Nations' Food and Agriculture Organization program. The UN F.A.O. leads the international effort to eliminate world hunger and improve food security. The UN created the FAO Money and Medals Programme, in 1968. To help bring greater public attention to the organization's efforts.

The coin is a reeded-edged design, made of a copper-nickel alloy and weighs 28 g. Over twice the weight of the commemorative 1979 F.A.O Dollar, issued by Trinidad and Tobago. Its dimensions are an impressive 37.80mm (1.49 in) wide and 3 mm (0.12 in) thick. Making it significantly larger than a US Half-Dollar in size.


The observe features an indigenous Ankole cow with it's calf. The coin's detailed artwork was designed by Hungarian sculptor Paul Vincze (1907-1994). Rather than the later FAO phase "Food For All", seen in some coins. This coin features the text "PRODUCE MORE FOOD" above.

Below the cow and calf is raised text reading "F.AO. COIN PLAN". Notifying the user/collector of the coin's relation to the UN food program. The following "16th OCTOBER 1968" date relates to the founding of the FAO Money and Medals Programme. In which this particular coin is a 1st generation entry to. The coin's inner rim features a beaded edge, which assist in gripping.


The reverse features the Ugandan Coat of Arms, with its shield flanked by a Crested Crane and Ugandan Kob. The Crested Crane represents the national bird of Uganda and are found near Lake Victoria. The Ugandan Kob represents the Ugandan nation's abundant wildlife. A banner with the national motto "For God and My Country", is featured near their feet.

Moving toward the center of the Coat of Arms is a traditional shield, with crossed spears. This shield motif was chosen by Sir Walter Fleming Coutts (1912-1988). Who served as Uganda's final colonial governor, prior to it's independence in 9 October 1962. The shield represents the willingness of the Ugandan people to defend their nation.

Within the interior of the shield is a traditional drum. Which in prior to Prime Minister Milton Obote (1925-2005), represented of royalty and the authority of Uganda's kings. The rising sun is featured above, representing the country's abundant sunshine. The waves at the shield's top represents the waves of Lake Victoria and Lake Albert.

This elaborate artwork is wreathed "BANK OF UGANDA" (top) and "FIVE SCHILLINGS", in bold text. Listing the coin's issuing body and value, in an easily understood manner. Just as the observe, the interior rim features a beaded edge.


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