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Notes Of The Central African Franc, The Craftsman: 500 Francs (Republic of Congo, 1990)-Reference

This large Central African Republic banknote represents the 1st denomination of the Central African CFA Franc (Series 1985). The beautifully illustrated observe features a Ndop figurine and vase. The reverse depicts a Banda craftsman with his wares. Notably the banknotes of Series 1985 have been demonetized, replaced by the now obsolete Series 1993. (Note Size: 150 x 76 mm or 5.91 x 2.99 in)




Additional Notes

  • The CFA is a French institution which provides monetary services for France's former African colonies, via the French treasury.

  • The CFA manages 2 distinct, although interchangeable currencies the Central African and West African Francs.

  • The CFA Franc's ISO Codes are XAF (Central) and XOF (West).

  • The West African CFA Franc is the currency of 6 nations: Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, and Republic of the Congo.

  • Central African Francs feature a letter to designate member state: Republic of the Congo (C), Cameroon (E), Central African Republic (F), Gabon (L), Equatorial Guinea (N), and Chad (P).

  • This note was issued by CFA member Equatorial Guinea, designated by the observe's letter N.

  • In 2002, the Central African Franc was re-designated: Gabon (A), Chad (C), Equatorial Guinea (F), Central African Republic (M), Central African Republic (T), and Cameroon (U).

  • The current CFA Franc is pegged to the Euro,1 € = 6.559 CFA francs.


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